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09/26/09 12:43 AM #1    

Andrew Donnelly

Thanks to ALL of you who put the reunion together!! I will be ETERNALLY grateful for all that you all have done to pull this off. Didn't get to go but just the 5 year reunion so this one is gonna be extra special for me.

09/30/09 07:48 PM #2    

Lana Goss (Hamby)

Just wanted to say what an honor it has been to serve on our homecoming committee! I have been so blessed working with this wonderful group of classmates! Yes, a lot of work has been done, but it has been so much fun along the way. Can't wait to see everyone Saturday night!

Missing greatly those that have passed and don't have the opportunity to come. Our prayers are with their families.

By the way, we are throwing out an idea for a spring picnic at a state park. Any suggestions?

10/06/09 04:20 PM #3    


Barry Evans

Please allow me to thank you all for the planning and work it took to pull off a classy event last Saturday. It was great to catch up with so many dear people and I look forward to being able to continue forging more solid friendships.

10/06/09 08:56 PM #4    

Lisa Garrett (Sewell)

Sorry we didn't get to attend. Would love to do the picnic/outing at a state park sometime. Looking forward to seeing pictures from the reunion. Will anyone be posting?

10/07/09 11:13 PM #5    

Pete Fuselier

It was wonderful to see everyone at the reunion last Saturday. I would like to extend a big (Texas size) Thank You to the reunion committee for the work they did to make it all happen. They clearly put forth a lot of effort and everything was very well done. Thank You!

10/21/09 06:25 PM #6    

Donald (Donny) White

Could not make the reunion but I would like to make it to a picnic if one is being planned.

Hello to everyone!


10/22/09 07:57 AM #7    

Brenda Blair (Keeler)

thank you everyone who put reunion together. will someone post pix or video from reunion? could encourage greater attendance at spring picnic. i vote for stone mountain, but that's cause i live close by ;>)

10/27/09 08:31 PM #8    

Susan Farmer (Strickland)

A HUGE "THANK YOU" to the reunion committee! I know there are several here, but I wanted to put in my 2 cents worth! Y'all are AWESOME! It's been 3 weeks and I still can't get over the wonderful time and the great job that was done. I see so many on Facebook that were there that I DIDN'T see, I was there though! Seems like we need something more often (LOL) A spring picnic or something informal is a great idea. I believe I heard someone say something about a 50th BIRTHDAY party (again, something informal) in a couple of years. COUNT ME IN! Thanks again. OH! And to whoever had the great idea of putting this wonderful website together: KUDOS to you too. LOVE IT!

10/07/10 12:24 AM #9    

Thomas Rollins

Thomas A. Rollins Sr.   I would to come to some of the events. But my Wife is on disabilty, and I'm simi-retired, takin care of her. But maybe We can get to one soon. And Hello, Class of 79'

09/06/12 07:20 PM #10    

Timmy Stephens

OK Panthers (Class of 79') I'm ready for a " Get Together "  I am willing to support a Class outing, Physically and financially. Who will get the ball rolling ?   P.S. Its past time, we once again get together.  Tim 

09/10/12 06:00 PM #11    


Tracy Hall

Hey there all you Panthers,

My folks were great about supporting our band participation but not so great about pics/videos.  (Of course technology sure is better these days, right?) 

I was wondering if anyone had pictures or video of the band marching any of the years we were at FP (76-77; 77-78; 78-79 seasons) they would be willing to share.


Tracy Hall

06/05/14 05:12 PM #12    

Rhonda Turner

I am searching for Lana Simpson. Last known address (15 yrs ago) was Lawrenceville. She has a daughter, Vickie and a son, Daniel. If anyone has any info on her, please contact me. Thanks!

09/17/14 11:24 PM #13    

Lea Ann Kelley

I just read that our Principal, Mr. Amick, died September 15, 2014.  

10/08/14 06:27 PM #14    

Andrew Donnelly

I sure am sorry that I couldn't make it to the reunion. Shucks, paid my money and wasn't able to go due to bad illness. Oh well, better luck next time. Missed seeing all of you... 


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